The highs and lows of launching a new business

The highs and lows of launching a new business

Anyone who has launched a new business will know its a rollercoaster of daily big and small decisions, often made at 5am after a sleepless night of reflection. For me, its been quite a year. Completing a first collection for Kikki-G, finishing the construction of my house in St Barts, whilst also navigating getting divorced, moving house in London and being there for my three teenage kids has been a huge challenge.

It has also been hugely rewarding. I have so loved working on creating swimwear designs and I am really looking forward to the year ahead. In particular meeting and talking to Kikki-G customers about all things swimwear.

In the meantime I am thrilled to post a Edit article featuring Kikki-G. The Valentina brief and Guilia bikini top are two of my favourites pieces from the first collection. I love a little bit of utilitarian chic. My uniform for the brownies was one of my first favourite pieces of clothing. To my 12 year old self, the handed down brown A line dress with lots of pockets and a collar, was perfect for glamourous adventures.  I hope you like my brownie uniform inspiration for your beach adventures.  

Lots of love

Mhairi xx