About Us

Hi, I'm Mhairi the founder of Kikki-G Swimwear.

I am very excited to share my first collection with you. 

I have been a lifelong lover of the beach and swimwear. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to spend a year living in St Barts in the French Caribbean. I loved the style of St Barts; a unique mix of French chic and a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle. I happily lived in cut offs and flipflops. One small problem, I could not find any swimwear which was both stylish and flattering. 

I don’t believe that women should have to compromise between style and functionality.

Now I live between London and St Barts. But St Barts is always my inspiration. I love the feeling of the old school St Barts, the barefoot understated luxury. The collection reflects the spirt of St Barts; freedom, joy, adventure and effortless style. 

Days at the beach are precious, I know I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. My swimwear celebrates those precious days. 

Sadly we can't always be at the beach and so part of the first collection is a mini collection of KG's - these can be worn as swimwear or underwear. I love to travel light, I love to have that beachy feeling in the city and whenever I am in St Barts, whatever I am doing with my day, I love to be beach ready. 

I hope you love Kikki-G's.

Inspired by St Barts, Made in Italy, swimwear that loves you back. 

Love Mhairi xx 

PS I started a swimwear company because I could not find swimwear that I wanted to wear. I talked to friends and many women I met. They all felt the same way. I have so enjoyed hearing from women what they like in swimwear.  Please email me at mhairi@kikki-g.com to tell me what you would like from swimwear which you can’t find. I would love to hear from you.